David Guillemette


David Guillemette
Assistant Professor

Lees B215D

Office: (613) 562-5800 ext. 8487

Work E-mail: david.guillemette@uottawa.ca

David Guillemette


After several years as a high school teacher in mathematics, I now conduct research in mathematics education. I am particularly interested in the history of mathematics and its teaching and learning potential in mathematics classrooms. Inspired by the works of Emmanuel Levinas and Mikhail Bakhtin, I am exploring the theme of Otherness in order to think about and understand ways of being-in-mathematics and relationships to mathematical knowledge taken in its historicity and cultural dimension. More broadly, I am interested in phenomenological perspectives in education and their connexions with emerging sociocultural perspectives in mathematics education, especially the theory of objectification.
Finally, I am interested in education, that is to say freedom.

Fields of Interest

  • Mathematics education
  • History of mathematics in teaching-learning mathematics
  • Sociocultural approaches in mathematics education
  • Phenomenological approaches in human sciences
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