Cheryll Duquette began her career in education as a teacher with a local board of education. She taught regular and special education classes in both the elementary and secondary panels. At the University of Ottawa she is involved in instructing courses in the Teacher Education and Graduate Studies Programs. Her research interests are in the area of special education and particularly student experiences in inclusive classrooms. Cheryll has published many articles that involved individuals with learning disabilities, sensory impairments and other disabilities. Her book, Students at Risk, was written to provide teachers with ideas about accommodations and instructional strategies for students with exceptionalities in the regular classroom. Her most recent research has been in the area of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). She made significant contributions to knowledge about the school experiences of adolescents and young adults with FASD. Emerging from this research was a framework for studying parent advocacy, which has been tested with parents of students with learning disabilities and with giftedness. Dr. Duquette has given workshops about accommodations to teachers and educational assistants in Ontario school boards, Morocco, and the Middle East.

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  • Full Professor


  • Ph.D., Educational Administration, University of Ottawa, 1986
  • M.Ed., Educational Administration, University of Ottawa, 1981
  • B.A., History, Carleton University, 1973
  • Special Education, Specialist, 1979
  • Ontario Teaching Certificate, Ottawa Teachers College, 1974


  • Parent advocacy
  • Inclusive education
  • Special education


Books Authored

  1. Cheryll Duquette, Enseigner aux Eleves ayant des Besoins Particuliers, Cheneliere Education, 2014, 208

  2. Duquette, C., Students at Risk (2nd edition), Pembroke Publishers Limited, Sept. 2013, 160

Papers In Refereed Journals

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Major Invited Contributions And/Or Technical Reports

Technical Report

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Papers Read And Presentations

Abstracts And/Or Papers Read In A Learned Society (Oral Or Poster)

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