French, English and Bilingualism: A History of the Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa, 1874 – 2015, Sharon Cook, PhD

The Faculty of Education is proud to present a book devoted to the history of the Faculty.Supported by extensive archival research, interviews and oral histories, we present a history of the first fifty years of a proud institution.

The Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa was founded in 1967. Yet by that date, both Francophone and Anglophone teacher education had deep roots in the community. The Ottawa Teachers’ College had opened in 1875 in a grand Victorian structure, while l’École de pédagogie de l’Université d’Ottawa was established in 1923 in a ramshackle building students called “the chicken coop.” Both of the teacher education colleges and graduate studies department moved into the new Lamoureux Building in 1978.

The mission of the Faculty from the start has been to provide bilingual post-secondary education and to support the French language and culture in Canada. Through the hard times of the 1980s to the consolidation of services in the 1990s and its development as a leading teaching and research facility after 2000, the Faculty of Education has held to its mandate.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One: Introduction and Acknowledgements
Chapter Two: The Roots of the Faculty, 1875 to 1967
Chapter Three: Building the Faculty, 1967 to 1980
Chapter Four: Consolidating and Promoting the Faculty, 1980 to 2000
Chapter Five: Supporting a Research Culture in the Faculty, 2000 to 2015
Chapter Six: Conclusions

Notice to our Alumni

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