André Vinette (2007)

2007 Part-Time Francophone Professor Award for Excellence Recipient

André Vinette has been making a major contribution to the Faculty of Education since 1989. As a part-time teacher in the Programme de formation à l'enseignement, offering courses in teaching mathematics and science, he has passed on his enthusiasm for teaching to a considerable worth of students.

André Vinette has distinguished himself over the years for his excellence in teaching. His consistently positive teaching evaluations attest to the regard students have for his abilities. His courses are well thought out, respect Ontario school curriculum and engage students. He uses a variety of teaching strategies to make effective links between theory and practice. And he has consistently developed strong working relationships with students who continue to seek out his advice outside of the classroom.

André Vinette is an avid researcher and devotes a portion of his time to acquiring new knowledge and skills that will improve his teaching in a field that is constantly evolving. By staying abreast of recent research in science education and passing it along to his students, he initiates them to the importance of research so that they can become future agents of change.

His contribution to university life cannot go unmentioned. In 2005, he was appointed as coordinator for the Programme de formation à l'enseignement à temps partiel, and chairing a liaison committee, members of which include with representatives of the Ministry of Education and the Ontario College of Teachers, as well as school boards directors.

André Vinette has also been instrumental in bringing courses of the Programme de formation à l'enseignement à temps partiel to students on the University of Ottawa's campuses in Toronto and Windsor. He prepared a course on science education, which is offered by videoconference and therefore had to be carefully designed to be effective. He has also taught students via videoconference himself, performing the research required to carry these courses off successfully. Students remark on his ability to make this form of teaching a seamless experience and to communicate his enthusiasm in spite of the distance.

This award is presented to André Vinette for his dedication, his many achievements and represents the respect of students, colleagues and the administration.

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