Anne-Marie Dionne (2009)

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From a very early age, Anne-Marie Dionne had an ardent desire to pursue university studies. With a life-long attraction to the world of books and schooling, she completed a bachelor's degree in education and took her initial steps as a teacher at the elementary level, where she worked for several years. Her deep interest in the factors that influence the teaching and learning of reading led her to move on to a master's degree in education at the Université de Moncton. She later obtained a doctorate in educational psychology at Université Laval.

During her doctoral studies, she took an interest in family literacy in disadvantaged settings, and her research earned her an award of excellence. After obtaining her doctorate, she was hired as a replacement professor at the University of Ottawa. She then continued to direct a research project on family literacy, this time among immigrant families, and obtained an Early Research Award for this project.

Now an assistant professor in language and literacy teaching at the Faculty of Education, Ms. Dionne is interested primarily in the teaching and learning of reading. Her research has included studies of social representations in youth literature. Other projects that fill her time include, in particular, a study on literature in multicultural settings, an extension of her research work on family literacy. In addition, she is conducting research on the use of electronic books at high schools to learn about their effects on attitudes toward reading and on reading habits among young people.

It goes without saying that teaching occupies an important place for Anne-Marie Dionne in her academic activities. She takes the view that, in a Faculty of Education, professors play a decisive role for society because they train the teachers who hold the future of coming generations in their hands. As regards her dealings with students, she points to listening and respect as fundamental elements in the pedagogical relationship. Everyone agrees that her sense of listening and her empathy for others, as well as the importance she attaches to teaching, are qualities that have led to the popularity she enjoys among students. This person for whom "small and simple things often produce great success" stands out, as might be expected, for her great humanism. Ms. Dionne has her students' well-being at heart and with good reason: managing to share with them her passion for reading is the point where she considers that she has achieved victory.

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