Antonietta Lenjosek (2007)

2007 Part-Time Anglophone Professor Award for Excellence Recipient

Passionate. Enthusiastic. Inspiring. These are some of the words that come up repeatedly in descriptions of Antonietta Lenjosek's teaching. The part-time professor of mathematics has clearly made an impression on her students.

Her passion for mathematics comes through in her classes, as does her passion for teaching itself. She regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty, giving her time outside of the classroom to support students in their practicums and offer them with insight and suggestions on teaching strategies and activities. One student called her an "inspiring role model."

But of course inspiration often takes a lot of hard work. Antonietta Lenjosek works tirelessly to be a source of information students can use to improve their craft. She exposes her classes to a broad range of ideas and material, bringing in guest speakers and introducing students to a variety of mathematics software systems and teaching technologies. Very much grounded in the practical, she provides examples of activities and lessons she has used successfully in the classroom, including texts, introductory activities, games and projects. She also ensures her students test their own abilities by giving them assignments that reflect the real world of teaching.

While accessible and always encouraging, Antonietta Lenjosek sets the bar very high in her classes, motivating her students to throw themselves into their work. But she holds herself to even higher standards, as reflected in the quality of her teaching.

Antonietta Lenjosek has a knack for combining caring and professionalism, something that makes her a truly effective teacher. She provides her students with a well-rounded understanding of their future roles as mathematics teachers, and her generosity with her own knowledge is something that students cherish. "She has pointed out things that took her long to figure out. For this, our class is very grateful and thankful to her," remarked one. Another described her as "a professor unlike any other that I have encountered."

This award is presented to her for her generosity, exacting standards and passion for teaching.

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