Benoit Gagnon (2013)

Benoît Gagnon started his career at the University of Ottawa in 2002, as a client services attendant for Sports Services. His ease in managing the many requests for equipment, room and gym reservations soon earned him a reputation as an exceptional staff person, a label that has followed him throughout his long university career. In 2008, he was hired as an assistant for physical and material resources in the Faculty of Education, and then promoted to administrative officer. Over the past five years, Benoît Gagnon's good humour, professionalism, dedication and support of colleagues, professors and students have been his hallmark. His concern for creating an environment in which things run well throughout the academic year continues to enrich the experience of the Faculty's students and professors. In recognition of his outstanding work, he is this year's recipient of the Support Staff Award for Excellence.

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