Carole Lalonde (2008)

2008 Support Staff Award for Excellence Recipient

With her outstanding organizational skills, her autonomy and versatility, Carole Lalonde is indeed an invaluable asset for the Faculty of Education, where she is working since 1997 as an Administrative Assistant in the Practicum Office where she manages the front lines of client services, a responsibility she remarkably carries out despite the hefty workload involved.

In fact, registrations in both the Formation à l'enseignement and Teacher Education programs have bolted upwards over the past several years-yet practicum deadlines are as tight as ever. Nevertheless, Carole Lalonde makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Methodical and detail-oriented, Carole Lalonde never hesitates to offer her support and to share her knowledge. Finally, colleagues admire and respect her for her listening skills, her congeniality and her open-mindedness, key personal qualities that all allow her " set an exemplary standard of service at the Faculty of Education...and to help strengthen the University's reputation at the same time." What better way to honor her dedication and professionalism at the University of Ottawa!

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