Cheryll Duquette (2006)

2006 Award for Excellence in Teaching Recipient

As part of her Bachelor's degree, Stephanie Fullarton took a course titled Education of Exceptional Students with Professor Cheryll Duquette. Stephanie was so impressed with Professor Duquette's knowledge and her ability to illustrate concepts by drawing on personal experience that she later asked Dr. Duquette to supervise her Master's thesis. "As a mentor, Professor Duquette helped me dream a bigger dream for myself," the young woman remembers.

Cheryll Duquette is an expert in Special Education and Native Studies. It was she who developed the Native Teacher Education Program (NTEP), which works with Aboriginal peoples to train teachers and develop curriculum that complements the specific needs of those groups.

Since 1997, more than one hundred participants have earned NTEP certification. One had only to be present at the University convocation ceremony to witness the hope and pride on the faces of the graduates and their families to know that Dr. Duquette serves as a touchstone of ethical and politically responsible educational leadership. The NTEP program has just introduced a Bachelor's degree, the only teacher education program in Ontario designed specifically for Indian, Inuit and Metis students.

It was Professor Duquette too who created the very popular On-Site Teacher Education Program, which connects student teachers to local classrooms. Professor Duquette is the author of Students at Risk, an award-winning book intended for special education teachers. She has given numerous workshops on special needs students across Ontario and Quebec and as far away as the Middle East.

Her reputation has spread beyond the Faculty's borders. In 2006, the University of Ottawa recognized Professor Duquette with its Award for Excellence in Education for her outstanding teaching while maintaining a solid research program.

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