Claudette Vermette (2003)

2003 Support Staff Award for Excellence Recipient

Claudette Vermette joined the University of Ottawa in February 1990 as an assistant to the directors, Francophone and Anglophone sectors, at the Centre for Child Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Organised, dependable, and disciplined, she was an instant asset to her employers and immediately showcased her incredible organisational, administrative, and managerial skills – proficiencies that were developed during her six years of work in the private sector.

In May 1991, Claudette Vermette joined the department of Electrical Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering as assistant to the director. She was then promoted in February 1992 to the Dean's Office, Faculty of Arts, as an administrative assistant. Among her many duties at the Faculty of Arts, she dealt on a daily basis with the 15 department directors, some 400 regular professors, as well as with the entire student body. In addition to her usual daily tasks, she was also responsible for keeping all the administrative personnel's files up to date.

In October 1994, Claudette Vermette joined the Faculty of Education as an assistant to the Vice-Dean of Research and Professional Development and to the Faculty Secretariat. She worked closely with the Dean's Office, the four program directors, the Faculty's teaching personnel and student body. Since coming to work for the Faculty, she has proven herself through the exceptional quality of her services, her commendable work ethic, as well as through her innovative spirit.

Trustworthy, motivated, and devoted, Claudette Vermette approaches her many responsibilities with enthusiasm. In addition to supervising part time employees, she also makes certain to see her assigned projects through. Her dedication to the Faculty is exemplary. Not only does she set herself apart through her work, but she also participates actively within the Faculty, notably as a member of the Executive Committee for administrative personnel (May 1994 – May 1998), and as a member and volunteer for the University of Ottawa 's United Way organisation committee.

In November 2003, she started working as the senior administrative assistant to the Vice-Dean of Programs, a role in which she continued to contribute to the success of the Faculty.

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