Denise Raymond (2007)

2007 Support Staff Award for Excellence Recipient

Denise Raymond has been working for the Faculty of Education for over 15 years. Her first position was academic administrator for the Teacher Education and Formation à l'enseignement programs. In no time, her professionalism, organizational skills and sense of commitment established her reputation as a key resource person.

In year 2000, Denise Raymond moved into the position of academic services office for undergraduate and professional-development programs. Again, her reliable, conscientious approach has proven invaluable to successive program heads and directors, who have all found comfort and guidance thanks to her wise counsels. Joanne Chartrand maintains that Denise Raymond "is a walking encyclopedia of Faculty knowledge and history."

Claire Maltais adds that "with her, nothing's impossible." Not surprising, then, that folks call on her so often. Through her sense of responsibility and her organizational savvy, Denise Raymond creates a work setting where both order and respect are front and centre, making goals and targets all the easier to achieve. On top of it all, she excels at client service.

When Raymond Proulx took up the position of program coordinator for the Technology Studies Certificate in Teacher Education, Denise Raymond gave countless hours to help things get off the ground. Mr. Proulx looks back on the efforts in great admiration: "I can't begin to describe how helpful her advice and how unwavering her support were." Denise Raymond has in fact been helping the initiative keep on track since 2002.

This award is presented to her for her outstanding display of professionalism and the remarkable quality of her work.

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