Françoise Moffatt (2005)

2005 Support Staff Award for Excellence Recipient

Since the end of the sixties, Françoise Moffatt has held a number of positions at the Faculty of Education. She has tackled the considerable challenges of each one with unfailing energy and enthusiasm. Her initiative, unsurpassed efficiency and sparkling personality have consistently been appreciated by all.

Initially serving as Clerk-Receptionist, she rapidly became indispensable to faculty and students alike, first in the Fondements de l'éducation Program and later in professional development programs. She was promoted to Secretary to the Associate Dean, who was then also the Director, of the Formation à l'enseignement Program. In this role, she was also called on whenever someone was needed to replace the Assistant in the Office of the Dean. Her experience led to her appointment as Assistant to the Vice-Deans of Research and Programs, a position she filled with competence and flair, whether proofreading and translating documents, taking minutes or organizing thesis defences. As Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Formation à l'enseignement Program, her duties include involvement in the hiring of part-time faculty professors and acting as resource person to the Assistants responsible for programs at the Glendon and Windsor campuses

Over the years, Françoise Moffatt's reliability, hard work and leadership have ensured the successful completion of innumerable activities. She has also contributed to the perfect satisfaction of the administrative and academic staffs, the faculty and all the students who have had the good fortune to encounter her.

There is no shortage of examples of her outstanding professionalism. At the beginning of her career, she participated in organizing the World Conference on Comparative Education, where she stood out for her speed and accuracy in typing delegates' speeches not only in French and English but even in Spanish and Russian. Today she is responsible for the bi-weekly student activities newsletter En Passant.

Françoise Moffatt understands how to build and maintain lasting links with students, faculty and administrative staff. Her interest in people has repeatedly led her to volunteer for special activities that range from canvassing her colleagues for the United Way campaign to University of Ottawa Day and the University's 150th anniversary celebrations.

Françoise Moffatt's loyalty to the Faculty of Education and her consistent willingness to give 100% to her work are acclaimed by all. Always ready to go the extra mile, she does so daily with exemplary aplomb, in situations that are sometimes stressful. Patience, courtesy and good humour well describe this woman who is so admired and appreciated by her colleagues.

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