Hélène La France Proulx (2003)

2003 Support Staff Award for Excellence Recipient

Hélène La France Proulx has been working at the University of Ottawa since 1969 and has since proven herself and made her mark within the many faculties and services she has worked for. Whether it be with the Extension for correspondence courses, the University of Ottawa Bookstore, the School of Nursing, the Faculty of Arts, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Law, Psychology, with the Registrar's Office, or with the Faculty, Hélène's creative energy, unwavering sense of responsibility, and her complete devotion have always benefited her surroundings.

Hélène has shown incredible leadership everywhere she has worked for at the University of Ottawa. A woman of vision and action, Hélène favours the sharing of ideas, teamwork, and gives the people with whom she works the opportunity to evolve.

Since coming to work for the Faculty in 1996, Hélène La France Proulx has initiated and launched innovative projects that have contributed greatly to the visibility and reputation of the Faculty of Education.

As Assistant to the Dean, Hélène was responsible for liaison activities in relation to student recruitment for Teacher Education programs. Over the course of the last few years, she has been particularly active in the recruitment of francophone students, going around Ontario and Canada in order to promote the Faculty of Education's programs.

An ambassador by excellence, Hélène also increased her public relations by helping to establish important relations between the Faculty and diverse university and educational sectors, and by organising a number of major promotional activities and events.

Everyone at the Faculty has greatly benefited from her notable expertise in administration and human resources. In fact, from 1998 to 2002, Hélène undertook the task of restructuring the Faculty's academic services by amalgamating five sectors. Triumphant in this task, she was successful at instilling change while at the same time motivating her employees. The Faculty's Academic Secretariat serves as an example for other services offered at the University of Ottawa.

Since October 2003, Hélène has been working as the Director of Administrative Services, a role which has permitted her to continue contributing to the advancement and success of the Faculty.

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