Johanne Leblanc (2004)

2004 Support Staff Award for Excellence Recipient

Johanne Leblanc joined the University of Ottawa in 1982 as a records analyst in the admission section of the Registrar's office. In 1985, still in that section, she accepted the position of senior clerk, assuming responsibility for staffing the information counter and training all contract employees.

In March 1989, Johanne joined the Faculty as an academic assistant to the French-language Formation à l'enseignement program. During that period she was responsible for advising students about their program of study, approving course selection, and managing academic records. From the outset of her tenure at the Faculty, Johanne has distinguished herself by her organizational ability, spirit of co-operation and willingness to take on new assignments.

Over the years, Johanne's responsibilities have expanded considerably. Since 1992, she has been responsible for co-ordinating the language skills examinations. Although the creation of numerous new programs of study and the increasing number of applications for admission have made this task ever more complex, Johanne continues to perform it with flair.

In November 1992, she was given a temporary assignment as an admissions officer in the admissions section of the Registrar's office; in 1998, she again accepted a temporary assignment, this time at the Faculty of Social Sciences as an academic advisor. Here again, her organizational ability, initiative and sense of humour made her stand out among the members of those two teams.

Since 2002, Johanne has been the Senior Academic Assistant at the Faculty, responsible for the intake academic assistants and all part-time staff members at the Academic Secretariat. Her new responsibilities have led her to draw up work methods and procedures for a versatile team that is called upon to respond to inquiries from a diverse student client group. Unparalleled interpersonal skills, an ability to assess problems quickly, and remarkable professionalism have earned Johanne the respect of all her co-workers.

Johanne is a resource person to both the administrative and the teaching staff. She willingly agrees to take charge of organizing not only Academic Secretariat but also Faculty-wide social activities, particularly fundraising activities for the Faculty of Education Support Staff Prizes for students. As well, she unhesitatingly agrees to represent the Faculty at various fairs, exhibitions and presentations.

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