Manon Racine (2003)

2003 Support Staff Award for Excellence Recipient

Manon Racine started working for the University of Ottawa in September 1996 at the Vanier Library (Sciences and Engineering) as a circulation desk clerk. In May 1997, she joined the Morisset Library as a store issue clerk while working part-time as a clerk for the Faculty of Education's Learning Resource Centre.

In September 1997, Manon Racine joined the Faculty of Education's Learning Resource Centre full-time as a circulation desk clerk. Methodical, responsible, and energetic, she never hesitates to surpass the expectations of her supervisors, her student clientele, and the teaching staff with whom she keeps in touch with on a daily basis. She is always ready to listen to the needs of those she is of service to and offer impeccable service.

In November 1997, Manon Racine was promoted to administrative assistant of Graduate Studies Programs at the Faculty of Education. Among her many duties, she was responsible for applying and explaining the rules and regulations pertaining to the Collective Agreement for part-time professors. She was also in charge of organizing seminars, procedures for the oral defence of a thesis, as well as interim reports. Through her excellent work, dependability, good judgement and innovative spirit, she gained the confidence of her collaborators with ease.

In December 2000, Manon Racine became the senior administrative assistant to the Vice-Dean of Programs at the Faculty of Education. In addition to supporting the Vice-Dean in her duties, she became a resource person for the Faculty's teaching personnel, its student clientele, as well as for the Faculty's visitors and partners. Her great leadership qualities and organisational skills also led her to become a supervisor to the administrative assistants of programs, as well as to the work-study students.

Manon Racine is an outstanding employee who adapts well to change, and who shows great tact and diplomacy in the various situations she is confronted with. Her profound dedication to the Faculty, her devotion, and collaborative spirit have earned her the respect of her fellow colleagues.

In October 2003, Manon has been appointed as Financial Officer at the Faculty. Her responsibilities allow her to showcase as well as deepen her finance, human resources, and management knowledge.

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