Marie Beaulieu (2009)

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Academic assistant in professional development programs at the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Education, Marie Beaulieu can take pride in being the guardian of the institution's corporate memory.

With her 30 years serving the University, including 26 years in the Faculty of Education, Ms. Beaulieu is a model employee, devoted to her work and endowed with extraordinary simplicity and humility.

When asked why she believes she earned the Award of Excellent for support staff, she refrains from making exaggerated claims concerning her qualities. "The announcement of my nomination for this award came as a great surprise to me: I wasn't expecting it at all," she says with a smile on her lips.

With a diploma in secretarial studies, Ms. Beaulieu began her career at the University of Ottawa in 1979, sharing her know-how for the benefit of faculty members. She went on to fill several jobs, including academic assistant in master's studies, a position for which she was approached by her superiors who saw in her a high level of professionalism and expertise.

She is someone who shows a positive attitude at all times and a willingness to lend a hand to her colleagues, attending to her responsibilities by spreading good humour around her. Her self-reliance, her sense of organization and her team spirit have earned her an excellent reputation within the Faculty. Moreover, Ms. Beaulieu always provides rigorous follow-up of the files she handles, and she does not hesitate to put in extra time when necessary.

While Ms. Beaulieu's responsibilities have changed considerably in the last few years, she has nonetheless remained a fixture within the Faculty, adapting to the challenges that have marked her career. Having recently become responsible for the enrolment of the principals qualifications program and of the new online registration for the additional qualification courses, she is someone with a concern for doing a good job and a respect for deadlines, never afraid consult her superiors when a problem arises.

With her patient and receptive nature, Ms. Beaulieu has an innate sense of human relations, in the view of her peers. She sees the staff of the faculty as "a big family" and never misses the opportunity to greet a member when their paths cross.

This award is issued to her for her devotion, her professionalism and her top-quality work.

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