Richard Maclure (2007)

2007 Award for Excellence in Teaching Recipient

During his almost 20 years in the Faculty of Education, Dr. Richard Maclure has enriched the learning and careers of the students and colleagues who have worked with him. This inspiring teacher, attentive mentor and renowned researcher has made a major contribution to the Faculty and community, both local and international, in part through his efforts to use research as a tool for advocacy and influence.

Specializing in comparative and international education, the education of marginalized youth and ethnography of education, Dr. Maclure's work has always been characterized by the conviction that education scholars working at the grassroots can make a real difference by reducing social disparities and injustice. As a leading scholar in education and international development, he has shed light on the plight of child soldiers and youth gangs in Africa and Latin America.

But perhaps his most lasting contribution will be through his students. He has spent close to two decades guiding new generations of educators who will in turn make a difference in their fields and communities. He has applied his high standards to courses at different levels and to supervising practicums and theses, bringing rigour, openness and a variety of perspectives to his teaching. He brings material to life, as one student put it, "so that each class was a dynamic and memorable pedagogical experience." Another pointed out, "It is a rare teacher who combines high academic standards with a comfortable and lively atmosphere of debate and discussion in the classroom."

Over the years, Dr. Maclure has also taken on leadership roles within the Faculty. He has served on a number of important Faculty committees and on the University Senate and has given his time in three senior administrative positions: Vice-Dean of Research and Professional Development, Director of the Graduate Studies Programme and Acting Dean.

For his personal and professional integrity, generosity and optimism, the Faculty of Education is proud to present the Award for Excellence in Teaching to Dr. Richard Maclure.

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