Suzanne Piette (2006)

2006 Support Staff Award for Excellence Recipient

Suzanne Piette can be counted on to bring her sense of professional ethics and teamwork skills to every situation.

She remains focused at all times. She directs her energies towards the goals to be achieved, and her colleagues know they can count on her "corporate memory".

"Whenever a situation arises that calls for a 'take-charge' approach, the Faculty can count on Suzanne Piette to be up to the challenge," said Acting Assistant to the Dean Pat Smith, who has had the opportunity to work with Suzanne Piette in many different contexts.

No matter how busy she is, Suzanne Piette is always ready to take on added responsibilities to help her team, especially during the busiest periods. She constantly goes beyond what is expected of her, whether helping a colleague, offering guidance to a new employee, or making sure the work of an absent colleague gets done.

"In my 35 years as a member of the educational community, adds Mr. Smith, I have rarely interacted with as respectful, receptive and constructive a person as Suzanne Piette." Her professional relationships are marked by a high level of professionalism, respect for the responsibilities and contributions of others, and sensitivity with regard to the confidentiality of information of a professional nature.

This award is presented to her for her sense of initiative, her integrity and her professional commitment.

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