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Since access to the physical spaces (and most of the collection) of the Centre will remain off limits to the public until further notice, some services or resources are not available at this time (including requesting books via the catalog).

We are accepting email requests for documents and kits via email at 
We will communicate all pickup details with you once the request is ready. 

You can access the catalog and connect off campus for your convenience.

Our drop box is now open and you can return your borrowed items at LMX as well.

For additional library services, you can consult the link below:



Equipped for teaching and learning

The Faculty of Education Resource Centre offers resources and services aiming to support the students of the Faculty of Education in their studies.

The collections hosted by the Resource Centre include more than 45,000 titles related to the world of education. Multimedia and computer resources as well as various support services are accessible by students, employees and professors of the Faculty of Education. As part as the Resource Centre's users, Alumni and the whole University of Ottawa community may also use some of our services and resources.

The Resource Centre by the numbers

The Resource Centre has

  • 150,000 visitors annually
  • 110,000 transactions annually at the Circulation desk
  • 120,000 transactions annually for the Centre's resources
  • seating for more than 200 people

Mission statement

The primary aim of the Faculty of Education Resource Centre is to support the learning, teaching and research activities of the Faculty. To this end, the Resource Centre offers a range of teaching and learning resources and services, including technological, that meet the diverse needs of the community of students, professors and staff within the Faculty of Education.


The Resource Centre of the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa ensures that its activities and initiatives contribute significantly toward the objectives defined in the mission statement by:

  • promoting the integration of technology and fostering digital literacy throughout its professional programs

Specifically, the Resource Centre will provide students of the Faculty of Education with:

  • learning opportunities that encourage students to become familiar with new information technologies;

The Resource Centre will provide faculty members of the Faculty of Education with:

  • learning opportunities to support the effective integration of information technologies in courses offered at all levels in the faculty;
  • assistance in the development of instructional materials.


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