Available software

A large variety of software is installed on the Centre's computers: office suites, graphic and web design suites, multimedia editing software, conceptual mapping software, educational software and many others.

The Ministry of Education of Ontario has developed a software purchase program for Ontario schools, and the licenses normally permit installation of the software within faculties of Education for exclusive use by the students and professors of those faculties. Much of this software is installed on Faculty computers, and so the Resource Centre's computers are strictly reserved for Faculty of Education professors and students.

For a complete list of OSAPAC/OESS software, see http://www.osapac.org/db/software_search.php?id=&lang=en

Software is available either on DVD or as an online subscription. This is indicated at the bottom of the Software Details page under Technical Information > Format. Some DVDs are available for loan at the Resource Centre's circulation desk so that professors and students can install the software on their personal computers, depending on the particular license.

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