Documentary and Research Skills

Information Literacy at the Resource Centre

Information Literacy has been defined as the ability to locate, evaluate, manage, and use information from a range of sources, print and electronic, for problem solving, decision making and research.*

Our instructional programs include in-class discipline-specific seminars tailored to the needs of a course as well as hands on workshops with an emphasis on a variety of tools and information competencies.

Other instructional services and initiatives include:

  • Development of online resources and learning tools such as subject related web pages (created with LibGuides)
  • Collaboration with partners on campus such as Teaching and Learning Support Services to integrate information literacy in the students learning experience.
  • Collaboration with Faculty to develop course-specific library resources such as:
    • Library Course Pages (using LibGuides) that organize resources to meet the needs of a specific course.
    • Assignments and exercises to develop specific library research skills.

Workshops offered

Research Help
This drop-in style workshop will focus on academic research skills. You will learn how to search the databases, find peer-reviewed journal articles and create bibliographies using APA.
45 mins
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Finding Teaching Resources
This general workshop is an opportunity to explore lesson plans, Trillium textbooks and other resources that will help you on your practicum. Come with your questions. All subject areas and grade levels are welcome.
45 mins
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This workshop will help you understand the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) Database and how it can help you in your research.
45 mins
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* From University of Delaware

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