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What is a practicum loan?

The loan period for documents borrowed or renewed at the Resource Centre is normally 14 days. We are offering an extended loan period called a “practicum loan” to minimize the need for undergraduate students of the Faculty of Education from having to return to campus during their practicum. Taking advantage of this offer will give you a due date of April 28th, 2017 so that your borrowed materials can be returned after your practicum.

  1. The practicum loan is available only at the Faculty of Education Resource Centre, and only for materials belonging to the Centre.
  2. Practicum loans are available as of January 30th, 2017 for undergraduate students of the Faculty of Education.
  3. Remember to request the extended loan period at the circulation desk when checking out materials.
  4. If you have already borrowed materials and wish to keep them for your practicum, you can request a practicum loan for those items at Resource Centre’s circulation desk.
  5. The practicum loan is available for books, CDs, DVDs, posters, puppets and kits belonging to the Centre.
  6. The practicum loan is not available for videos that have a booking or items with a hold on them, or when you have more than $10 in fines on your library account.
  7. Please note that we may require up to 24 hours to ensure a kit is complete and ready for you to sign out. You may reserve kits up to 3 days in advance for your practicum loan.
  8. Online renewal: books, CDs, and DVDs can be renewed online. To renew other items, come to the Resource Centre’s circulation desk or contact us.
  9. If you do not request a practicum loan and you forget to renew your checked out items online, you will be responsible for all accumulated fees. For regular loans, there is 50¢/day for each book and $2/day for each CD or DVD that is returned late.
  10. Please be sure to check your email and your online library account regularly because a borrowed item can be recalled at any time. If this should happen, you are obligated to respect the new due date.
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