Professors’ web profile and online CV

As a professor in the Faculty of Education you have access to a new web-based tool, UNIWeb,  to make it easier for you to update your web profile and CV in uOttawa format, as well as maintain your lifetime CV. This tool will replace others such as the Faculty portal, which did not give you access to your web profile. With UNIWeb you will be able to update your profile and create a uOttawa CV in MS Word format at the same time. This will simplify your CV updates and minimize the risk of error, while allowing you to update as you go


The University has begun implementing a new institution-wide CV system that will replace the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies CV (OCGS). This means that the Faculty will no longer be using the current eCV format available through the Faculty portal. Instead,  you can update your online profile, uOttawa CV and Canadian Common CV through UNIWeb.

The information you already have on the Faculty portal has been migrated to UNIWeb, and you can now update it there.

Activating your UNIWeb profile

Please follow these UNIWeb profile activation instructions. You have until June 30, 2016 to do so. Otherwise, your web profile, including your contact information, office hours, etc., will not be visible.

UNIWeb training

The Information Technology team, in collaboration with the Faculty of Education, will offer training sessions on UNIWeb.

UNIWeb support

For technical or password issues, call ext. 6555. For questions on the content of your web profile or CV, email Marlene Hoff at

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