Explore the administrative structure of the Faculty of Education, its annual reports, the role and composition of the Faculty Council and the various committees, and the Faculty regulations. 

Academic Integrity

Here you will find resources on academic integrity for professors and students. 

Administrative Structure

Visualise the Faculty of Education's international administrative structure.

Annual Reports

See the annual Faculty reports, which include an overview of past activities and events.

Educational Policy Committee

The Educational Policy Committee’s functions, membership, duration of mandates and members. 

Equity Committee

The Educational Equity Committee's meetings, minutes, functions, memberships, appointments and members.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee's meetings, minutes, functions, membership, duration of mandates and members.

Faculty administrative Regulations

Read the Faculty regulation (available in PDF version).

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council's meetings, minutes, mandate, membership and members.

Useful links

Here are some links that we suggest you to visit if you wish to learn more on University of Ottawa's governance practices.


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