Equity Committee

Meetings and Minutes

  • 2014


The Educational Equity Committee (EEC):

  • advises the Faculty Council and the Dean on equity-related matters arising from projects initiated by the Faculty or any one of its groups, councils or committees;
  • makes recommendations to the Faculty Council for further policy development;
  • regularly reviews the ACCESS Admissions Program and makes recommendations for changes as necessary;
  • supervises persons working under this policy, including teaching assistants working at the Faculty of Education's Peer Helping Centre/Centre d'entraide;
  • advises and assists the Equity Co-ordinator.

The mandate of the Educational Equity Committee (EEC) is fully described in the Educational Equity Policy, passed by the Faculty Council in April 2003.

Memberships and appointments

The EEC is composed of both members and non-voting members.

Voting members:

  • The EEC is chaired by the Educational Equity Co-ordinator. The responsibilities and duties of the Co-ordinator are fully described in the Educational Equity Policy. The Co-ordinator is appointed by the Dean on recommendation of Faculty Council. An appointment is for two years and is renewable;
  • two faculty members elected by the Faculty Council;
  • one of the Vice-Deans of the Faculty;
  • one student representative from each Students' Council and a representative of the students admitted under the ACCESS Admissions Program if such a representative is not forthcoming from the students' councils;
  • a member of the administrative and support staff elected by a vote of the administrative and support staff-at-large.

Non-voting members:

  • a representative of the University Equity Office;
  • the EEC may appoint other ad hoc members as it sees fit.


  • André Samson - Vice-Dean
  • Peter Milley - Chair and professor
  • Lorna McLean - Professor
  • Jessica Whitley - Professor
  • Christina De Simone - Professor
  • Vacant (Formation à l'enseignement)
  • Vacant (Teacher Education)
  • Vacant (Études supérieures)
  • Vacant (Graduate Studies)
  • Joanne Chartrand 
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