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Building a learning centre falls under the first goal of the Destination 2020 strategic plan, to improve the student experience for everyone who attends the University. The plan is for the centre to include two 350-seat lecture halls, five rooms with cutting-edge multimedia tools and technical support for hybrid and distance education, attractive and well-equipped classrooms, group study halls and permanently open workspaces. Food services at Lamoureux Hall will be renovated to accommodate students. This means that classrooms on the ground floor of our building will be removed.

The Learning Centre will be an extension to the existing Lamoureux Hall. It will be a six-level building adjacent to the eastern part of Lamoureux—on the Brooks Residence side. In addition to, significantly, linking our faculty to the work of the Learning Centre, this location choice will contribute to the campus’ transformation. With the upcoming opening of the Campus light rail station, the planned revitalization of Lees Campus and the recent construction of the Social Sciences Building, the campus will be developing southward, placing the Faculty of Education at its centre.

In the medium and long term, carrying out this project will be a golden opportunity for members of the Faculty to continue innovating in their teaching and to offer their students a quality learning environment. Work should begin immediately following the Canadian Society for the Study of Education conference at the beginning of June, to take advantage of the time when we have half the usual number of undergraduate students. 

Construction of the Learning Centre has begun in June 2015 and it will be open to students as of the 2017 academic year.

Project Manager: Marc Chrétien

Questions and comments: Céline Morin, Chief Administrative Officer

Stay updated on the construction of the Education Centre through the Faculty's Flickr album.

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Stay updated on the construction of the Education Centre through the Faculty's Flickr album.

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