2018-2019 OGS and SSHRC scholarship recipients

Posted on Monday, June 4, 2018

For the 2018–2019 academic year, 30 of our students have received OGS and SSHRC scholarships, including the following: Bombardier (2 scholarships), SSHRC-PhD (5 scholarships), SSHRC-MA (5 scholarships) and OGS (18 scholarships). According to Professor André Samson, vice-dean and Faculty secretary, who runs the scholarship program, many factors account for this success: 

  1. The solid methodology and scholarship of the research projects submitted, as well as their social relevance. Examples of this include John Ward’s Adaptive learning amongst Indigenous children struggling with reading difficulties and Shelina Adatia’s project on cultural diversity of students enrolled in French immersion.  
  2. The help and advice provided by research supervisors when preparing application files for scholarships.  
  3. The mentoring program we offer to all students making an OGS or SSHRC application, unique to the Faculty of Education. It has two parts:

a) Information sessions led by students who are scholarship recipients and professors who are members of the scholarship committee. These sessions, offered in September, are designed to share information useful to students in preparing a successful research project. 

b) A personalized mentorship program run by students who are scholarship recipients. The one-on-one meetings are meant to provide very practical assistance to students in preparing their scholarship applications. The mentorship program is offered each academic year, in October and November.It was particularly popular in fall 2017, when our three student mentors provided 40 hours of mentoring.

Meet our SSHRC and OGS fellows and their research project

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