2019-2020 Vanier, OGS and SSHRC Scholarship Recipients

Posted on Friday, May 15, 2020

OGS and SSHRC Scholarship Recipients 

For the 2019–2020 academic year, 24 of our students have received Vanier, OGS and SSHRC scholarships, including the following: Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (one  scholarship), Joseph-Armand-Bombardier/SSHRC-PhD ( two scholarships), SSHRC-MA (six scholarships) and OGS (15 scholarships). Professor Francis Bangou, Vice-Dean, Governance and Student Affairs, explains the services made available to the students as well as the support they have received throughout the process:  

1. The assistance and advice provided by research supervisors when preparing application files for scholarships are of great importance.   

2. A mentoring program offered to all students making an OGS or SSHRC application, unique to the Faculty of Education. It has two components: 

a) Information sessions, one in English and one in French, led by students who are scholarship recipients and professors who are members of the scholarship committee. These sessions, offered in September, are designed to share information useful to students in preparing a successful research project.  

b) A personalized mentorship program run by students who are scholarship recipients. The one-on-one meetings are meant to provide very practical assistance to students in preparing their scholarship applications. The mentorship program is offered each academic year, in October and November.




Heather Brittain (Director Tracy Vaillancourt)

Heather Brittain’s research focus is on understanding how the experience of being bullied is associated with academic functioning (grades, standardized test scores, and learning skills) over four academic periods (elementary, middle, secondary, and postsecondary).





Michelle Dorion (Bombardier – Director Éric Dionne)

Michelle Dorion's project involves the development and validation of a telemedicine satisfaction questionnaire for patients and health care professionals in a francophone minority context.








Kellie Alexandra McKie (Bombardier – Director Christine Suurtamm)

Kellie Alexandra McKie's research centres on the professional learning and development of mathematics teachers. More specifically she is focused on the impact and sustainability of professional development initiatives.






Hannah Sutherland (Director Phyllis Dalley)

Hannah Sutherland's research project focuses on building language resilience among students and teachers in francophone minority school settings.










Krista Dam-Vanderkuyt (Director Jessica Whitley)

With increasing awareness for the need for trauma-informed teaching practices and family-school collaboration, Krista Dam-Vanderkuyt's narrative inquiry will explore the lived experiences of teachers and parents supporting children affected by traumatic grief.









Natasha Chénier-Ayotte (Director André Samson)

Natasha Chénier-Ayotte's project seeks to identify how individuals diagnosed with ADHD have coped with it and the influence it has had on their professional self-esteem and vocational development.








Carol Lee (Director Nicholas Ng-A-Fook)

A previous recipient of the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, Carol Lee is currently writing her thesis on collaborative story-making between Indigenous and nonindigenous youth. She is also an Assistant Editor for JCACS.





Ranjita Padalia (Director Awad Ibrahim)

By way of decolonizing curricula, Ranjita Padalia aims to study how educators at the Ontario secondary school level select and utilize literature to deconstruct minoritized identities, their contexts, and their discursive reinforcement through literature.





Adlin Présumé (Director Marie-Hélène Brunet)

Adlin Présumé's research project focuses on the evaluation of learning in Quebec and Canadian history in Secondary IV: its issues in a context of results-based management of the educational system.






Rachelle Lee-Krueger (Directors Dr. Ruth Kane, Douglas Archibald, Katherine Moreau)

Rachelle’s research interests focus on the development and evaluation of clinical feedback systems that support the professional development of Canadian medical trainees and practicing physicians.





Mariana Shekarian (Director Richard Maclure)

Mariana Shekarian's research is on Turkish women academics’ lived experiences of ‘being’ women in patriarchal Turkey and the strategies they apply to counteract the “concrete ceiling” of higher education, particularly in attaining senior management positions.






Marie-Pier Bastien (Director Carole Fleuret)

Marie-Pier Bastien's project involves the design and testing of a bilingual children's literature program aimed at developing cognitive clarity in Spanish-speaking students: a parent-school-community partnership.





Angelica Kibets (Director David Smith)

Angelica Kibets' research focuses on the fact that some aggressive individuals are socially alluring, despite being aggressive. Why do kids stay friends with tormentors, and why is it that some kids can get away with being aggressive while other kids gain disapproval amongst their peers after an aggressive episode?






Jenna Milosek (Director Katherine Moreau)

Jenna Milosek is interested in learning about the extent of, type of, and approach of program evaluation in medical education. Specifically, with the transition to competency-based medical education, she wants to know how and if program evaluation research is being applied in medical education residency programs.

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