50/50: A winning formula

Posted on Monday, April 3, 2017

Since 1998, Johanne Leblanc, academic services officer at the Faculty of Education, has been running the 50/50 program. The program’s name comes from the lottery it’s based on, in which Faculty staff can win half of the proceeds by buying tickets. The other half is used to offer scholarships to education students.  

The scholarships are awarded twice a year to students with an outstanding academic record. Over 70 students have benefitted to date. According to Leblanc, “it’s the recognition and honour that’s most important to students. Being recommended by your professor for your academic work is something very satisfying.”

While Leblanc soon will no longer be running the 50/50 program (and is looking for someone to take it over), the draw is far from over. Its popularity among staff makes it a key fixture at the Faculty. 

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