Badminton class: a teaching experience that continues to prove its worth

Posted on Thursday, December 1, 2016

Each year, undergraduate education students taking PED 3526 - didactique de la santé et de l’éducation physique (cycles moyen et intermédiaire), a course on how to teach physical education and health at the junior and intermediate levels, engage in an innovative teaching experience. With support from their professor, François G. D. Beaulieu, these future teachers invite Grade 6 students from Francojeunesse, a French public elementary school, to come to campus to take a physical education class on badminton.

The education students are divided into groups of three, with each student taking a turn at observing, taking notes, and teaching small groups of children. These teachers-in-training must apply the standard principles of physical education, such as avoiding line-ups, ensuring that the children fully engage all their motor skills, and making sure they are having as much fun as possible.

PED 3526 is one of the only classes that gives education students a chance to create progressive lesson plans and to teach small groups of children before the students go on to their practicums. They plan, teach, and assess the children, and in turn, these future teachers are observed, receive feedback, and change their teaching approach, all in a fun, creative and informative learning environment. Year after year, this teaching experience leads to impressive results.

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