Camile Paradis and The Mentoring Program

Posted on Thursday, March 23, 2017

Camile Paradis

Camile Paradis, coordinator, field placements, at the Faculty of Education, oversees the mentoring program for faculty advisers and associate teachers.  They work together to ensure that student teachers adapt and integrate in the school setting.

“It’s teamwork, letting students learn through their own dynamic process in a learning community”, Paradis says. “Teaching is also questioning oneself day by day. It’s learning every day. Faculty advisers’ and associate teachers’ work is essential to student teachers’ learning. It’s a mutually supportive relationship in which everyone benefits.”

Paradis and his colleagues strive to improve the mentoring program. He aims to offer faculty advisers accessible and effective guidance. That’s why the Faculty website will soon feature a new guide with all the information they need for their work. Faculty advisers will be able to assist student teachers without having to make appointments with mentoring program administrators. “By stressing independence, this new way of doing things will make faculty advisers more autonomous,” says Paradis. 

Learn more about what faculty advisers do (in French).

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