A convocation filled with pride and joy

Posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2019

On June 16, the Faculty’s colourful convocation ceremony took place at the Shaw Centre, highlighting the accomplishments of our new graduates. The spring temperature and clear, sunny skies were perfect for the occasion. Many dignitaries and professors, as well as graduates’ family members and friends, were there to celebrate this important moment.

This spring, the Faculty of Education conferred 545 bachelor’s degrees, including 258 for the Teacher Education and 287 for the Formation à l’enseignement programs, along with 137 master’s, eight doctorates and two graduate diplomas. You could see the pride and joy of graduates on their faces and in how they stood, dressed in their ceremonial gowns, when they went up on stage to receive their well-earned diplomas.  

In his speech, Chancellor Calin Rovinescu addressed the graduates. “Today you are receiving a university degree. It’s an achievement in itself but it’s just a beginning.  You are at the dawn of a new chapter in your lives and your careers — aim high. Show courage and daring. Learn to seize the opportunities that present themselves.”  

Two class presidents, Gabriel Chauvin and Ryan Furlong, exemplary graduates noted for their contribution to student life in the Faculty, gave the valedictory on behalf of their class.  “As graduates of the Faculty of Education, it’s our turn to go and pass on all the knowledge that we have acquired over the years.  Imagine a wave of new teachers helping each other to meet their common goal of encouraging their students’ learning. Together, we can put down roots that extend from one end of the province to the other. We can deepen those roots and strengthen the education system so that together we can raise our students up.”

The ceremony also featured the awarding of an honorary doctorate to Roger Paul, in recognition of his extensive experience and involvement in education and leadership, as well as his commitment to the promotion and development of the francophone community.  In his speech, he addressed the new graduates with a message rich in symbolism: “Dare to make a difference in education by being passionate about the beautiful youth who are expecting you to convey your passion, your enthusiasm and your knowledge. Light those beautiful flames and fuel that desire for life-long learning. Our community is counting on you to ensure the vitality and continuity of our beautiful language and culture for generations to come. Embrace your role as a teacher fully and strive to make a difference in the lives of your students and your communities.”

Once again, congratulations to all graduates, at all levels, from the class of 2019!

See the convocation photos and video as well as advice from professors to the graduates.

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