Coronavirus (COVID-19) April 6, 2020 Update

Posted on Monday, April 6, 2020

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Dear Students,

Here we are at the end of the winter session and for many, the end of their program in the Faculty of Education. We know this is not how it usually ends. Normally there are celebrations and farewells and of course, the joys of having family and friends in town for traditional June graduation ceremonies. While there will be some virtual festivities of different kinds, new graduates will probably not meet in person again this year. Despite the circumstances, we should celebrate the hard work of our students, staff and professors and support staff and honour the rapidity and dedication of all who have contributed to the work of the Faculty during these exceptional times. Many of you are sharing your experiences via social media and we are delighted to see your ingenuity and perseverance in action. For students who will be continuing their studies, we look forward to welcoming you back and we will communicate information to you throughout the summer as it becomes available. To all, we reiterate the importance of taking care of yourselves.

Many of you have questions, and we invite you to consult our Faculty FAQ page regularly. Answers to some questions are still forthcoming and require decisions be made by many leaders at various levels. We thank you for your patience as these crucial consultations go forward. We at the Faculty are working on a number of measures such as how to ensure all students can complete their programs on time whenever possible. We also continue to press the Ministry of Education to issue guidance to the Ontario College of Teachers and Faculties of Education regarding interrupted practica. Answers to these and other emerging questions are in process and we anticipate decisions from the Ministry in the coming weeks.

Though we may be all working, interacting and learning at a distance, we remain connected by the common goals of the Faculty of Education. Students, your collective efforts in riding out these unexpected waves of change are nothing short of amazing and we commend you.


Richard Barwell,

Dean of the Faculty of Education

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