A drama program for youth

Posted on Monday, March 27, 2017

As part of her research, Faculty of Education professor Mariette Théberge’s became involved in a program for Ontario’s French-language schools developed by Théâtre-Action, Ottawa Little Theatre’s sister organization for the francophone community. The project was aimed at providing opportunities for students to create and produce a collective work for theatre and to write plays.

Théberge was interested in not only observing the experiences of the dramaturgical advisors who worked with the students but also discovering the learning needs of the students involved in playwriting.

This research also created an opportunity for Théâtre Action to reflect more deeply on its own practices and provided support for the francophone community.

Through theatre, youth were encouraged to shape their voice—in the written and spoken word—and discovered techniques for developing their abilities as playwrights. In addition, the act of producing a written work in French and performing it before an audience of their peers provided students with an opportunity within a minority language context to strengthen their francophone identity.

Mariette Théberge’s work has been published as a book chapter entitled, “La mise en œuvre d’un programme de formation dramaturgique auprès d’adolescents.”[1]



[1] Théberge, M. (2016) “La mise en œuvre d’un programme de formation dramaturgique auprès d’adolescents.” In M. Théberge, H. Bonin, D. Blondin, H. Duval and A.-M. Émond (eds.) Réfléchir à la formation artistique. Quebec: Presses de l’Université Laval


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