Education in the time of COVID-19 and beyond: Challenges and opportunities

Posted on Monday, April 20, 2020

Les membres du corps professoral de la Faculté d’éducation partagent leur expertise


Responding to the many challenges and opportunities posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, professors from the Faculty of Education share their expertise in the media, on the air, in blog posts and via podcasts. Follow this page for regular updates.




Nathalie Bélanger

The Evolution of Distance Education and Issues of Digital Equity and Inclusion Faculty of Education

18 h 10 | Disparités dans l'enseignement à distance : Reportage de Katherine Brulotte Radio-Canada

École à distance : l’absence de données sur la participation inquiète des experts Radio-Canada

Learning gap to be expected for franco-ontarian students? ONFR+

Helping your children learn French at home Radio-Canada 

E-learning exacerbates inequalities Radio-Canada

Does e-learning increase inequalities? Radio-Canada

E learning exacerbates inequalities among children Radio-Canada

Comment préparer les enfants à «l’après COVID-19» ICI Radio Canada



Marie-Hélène Brunet

In conversation with Dr. Marie-Hélène Brunet - Pandemic Pedagogy convo 21 Imagining a New We




Megan Cotnam-Kappel

The Evolution of Distance Education and Issues of Digital Equity and Inclusion Faculty of Education

Comment l'ecole a distance a relance le role des technologies en education ONFR+

Teachers: "Offer lessons in French on TikTok and Instagram" ONFR+

L’école à la maison : pas de pression disent des experts ICI Radio Canada



Phyllis Dalley

The Evolution of Distance Education and Issues of Digital Equity and Inclusion Faculty of Education

Repenser le système d'éducation à la lumière de la pandémie Radio-Canada

Le confinement signifie des défis pour l'apprentissage du français en Ontario Radio-Canada

Preserving French at home: the challenge for students in French schools Radio-Canada

Parents Fear Barriers to E-Learning because of COVID-19 ICI Radio Canada



Emmanuel Duplàa

Realities and challenges of learning at home Radio-Canada




Eric Dionne

Plus d’outils pour les enseignants Unique FM

Des parents en Ontario choisissent les cours en ligne, mais à contrecœur ICI Radio Canada

Une rentrée scolaire à la maison pour pres de 15 000 franco ontariens ONfr+

Écoles fermées jusqu’en septembre en Ontario Unique FM

Technology + creativity = Online education in the age of COVID-19 MedPoint: Faculty of Medicine News

Schools Closed until September in Ontario Unique FM

Why should I go back to school? Unique FM

How to evaluate students? Unique FM

The challenges of going back to school Unique FM

L’éducation à distance Unique FM

L’annulation des examens ministériels et provinciaux : une mise au point Le Quotidien

L’éducation au temps de la pandémie : intervention d’Eric Dionne à
l’émission Entre nous
TV Rogers



Carole Fleuret

La rentrée sous le signe du rattrapage scolaire inquiete ONfr+

École à distance: moins de leviers pour aider les élèves vulnérables Le quotidien



Michelle Schira Hagerman

Can't decide whether to send your kids back to school? Here's what the experts say CBC News Ottawa

Learning to Teach Online : An Open Educational Resource for Pre-Service Teachers

Video of Ottawa experts answering back-to-school questions viewed by thousands Ottawa Citizen

Back-to-school experts CBC Listen

Remote Learning - Interview with Michelle Schira Hagerman CBC

Shift to online learning could spell trouble for rural families CBC News Ottawa

Online Learning at Home CBC Ottawa Morning

How your family can make the most of this time at home CBC News Ottawa

Clarity, communication, connection: Priorities for our global pivot to online teaching uOttawa Gazette



Andrew Hargreaves

The education technology students will need — and won’t — after coronavirus The Washington Post

Perspectives in education during the pandemic Perspectives in Education during the Pandemic Episode 5

What’s next for schools after coronavirus? Here are 5 big issues and opportunities The Conversation

A complete list of what to do — and not do — for everyone teaching kids at home during the coronavirus crisis The Washington Post

‘The education world has been turned upside down’: Online learning may reshape the classroom The Globe and Mail March



Nicholas Ng-A-Fook

Fooknconversation: Dwayne Donald Voice Ed Radio

Will Ontario students head back to smaller classes with physical distancing rules? Ottawa Citizen

FooknConversation: Kiera Brant-Birioukov Radio Edit

FooknConversation: Rita Irwin Voice Ed Radio

FooknConversation : Timothy J. Stanley Voice Ed Radio

FooknConversation: Theodore Christou Voice Ed Radio

FooknConversation: Jennifer Tupper Voice Ed Radio

FooknConversation: Cathryn van Kessel Voice Ed Radio

FooknConversation: Aparna Mishra-Tarc Voice Ed Radio

FooknConversation: Hongyu Wang Voice Ed Radio

FooknConversation: Lindsay Gibson Voice Ed Radio

FooknConversation: Dwayne Donald Voice Ed Radio


John Richardson

Richardson: Here's how we can get the best out of hybrid learning Ottawa Citizen




André Samson

Enseignement à distance : un virage qui n’est pas naturel pour toutes les institutions ICI Radio Canada

L’école à distance, est-ce que ça fonctionne bien ? ICI Radio Canada

Agata Soroko

Learning pods, low-income students, and the micro-schooling debate The Christian Science Monitor

Canadian parents are setting up ‘pandemic pods’ during coronavirus: what are they? Global news

The Financial Literacy Delusion Public Seminar




Tracy Vaillancourt

How to read body language in the era of face masks Vogue India

Cyberbullying expert concerned over teachers' online behaviour towards education minister iHeartRADIO

Academically speaking, the kids are going to be okay The Globe and Mail


Joel Westheimer

Is This the Pandemic Generation? TVOntario

Keeping teens focused for 4 hours will require creativity, educators say CBC

Back to school confusion? CBC Listen

Sera-t-il prudent de retourner à l’école? News24

Will It Be Safe to Return to School? The New York Times

Inquiétude face à la suspension de l'admission pour 17 programmes de la Laurentienne ICI Radio Canada

Pandemic homeschooling pods CBC

The health risks of this pandemic has some parents in the U.S. turning to homeschooling pods CBC

OCDSB's back-to-school plan CBC

The Paradox of Schooling with Joel Westheimer The Shape of Education to Come

Giving up on homeschooling CBC

For these families, online learning just isn't making the grade CBC news

Westheimer - Learning in a lockdown: children, kindness and social change openDemocratie openDemocracy

Is taking a pause from the classroom so bad? uOttawa Research

Distance learning from home and in the park NONDOC

What can be done now that school closures have been extended? Global News Radio

Parents: Stop giving kids worksheets and trying to replicate school Blog Post

Westheimer: Forget trying to be your kid’s substitute school teacher during COVID-19 Ottawa Citizen

Homeschooling CBC Ottawa Morning


View complete list on Joel Westheimer's Website



Jessica Whitley

Professor Jessica Whitley - Lack of Inclusion in online education AMI Audio

Ontario students to return to school full time in the fall, with no class-size limits for youngest learners The Globe and Mail

Academically speaking, the kids are going to be okay The Globe and Mail 

Coronavirus: Distance learning poses challenges for some families of children with disabilities. The Conversation Canada; Today's Parent


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