Educational Consultant

Posted on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The responsibilities of the advisor include, but are not limited to :
- Work closely with the Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services and Supervisor, Inclusion;
- Support teachers and principals in defining services, developing learning plans and implementing strategies for students with special needs;
- Communicate the updates in the Inclusive Education file to teachers;
- Work in collaboration with the Educational Specialist Team;
- Support principals and teachers with the file of francisation;
- Design and conduct workshops and training sessions for teachers, teacher assistants and pre-school educators;
- Work closely with the Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services with the pre-school;
- Advise and support teachers on an individual or collective basis;
- Work with stakeholders in other school boards, partner organizations and the Ministry of Education;
- Support Principals and Teachers with accommodations in Provincial Assessments Tests and Diploma Exam;
- Collaborate in the development of the educational project and the specific projects of the schools and the school board;
- Identify the support resources for teachers;
- Participate in meetings and reflexions of the collaborative team (team of educational services consultants);
- Work regularly in francophone schools to meet file requirements.
How to apply: Visit our website at in the Job Offers section and apply directly to the competition number for which you wish to offer your services. Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.
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