A Franco-Ontarian Day buzzing with activity

Posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Franco-Ontarian flag on a flagpole

On September 25, the Francophone community celebrates Franco-Ontarian Day. In educational circles, this day serves as a reminder of how Franco-Ontarians have fought to defend their right to education in French. The existence of a Francophone educational network is crucial to building a Francophone identity among youth, to the continued use of French in the province, and to the vitality of Francophone communities in Ontario.

From September 21 to 28, read the daily information briefs about Francophones in Ontario on the Faculty’s Facebook page, and take the quizzes posted on the Faculty’s Twitter account.

Moreover, the Faculty will be hosting several related activities over the coming days, including a workshop entitled “Jean identitaire”, a coffee and muffin stand, and Franco-Ontarian Week at the Resource Centre.

Other Franco-Ontarian events are planned at various points across campus, such as a morning seminar on Francophone Ontario in 2016. Check the Community Life Service schedule for more information. 

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