Future teachers at the “Campus de Toronto” are proud to study at the University of Ottawa

Posted on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Students at the Toronto campus

Cultivating a sense of belonging is a daily challenge for University of Ottawa students at the “Campus de Toronto.” Despite the physical distance from the institution’s Ottawa campus, the members of this small dynamic group are very proud of their university. Some of the ways they show it include being active in their student association, proudly wearing their Faculty of Education sweater and building strong ties with one another. Even though these students study far from its main campus, the University of Ottawa does everything it can to meet their needs and make them proud members of the Faculty of Education community.

These students set themselves apart from others by their strong desire for success, their energy, their many ambitions and their solidarity. Being a small group gives these students the advantage of always being close to one another, allowing them to forge long-lasting friendships. Helping one another and sharing their knowledge is very important to them. With professors who are also teachers in local schools, these students benefit from their real-life experiences in the classroom.

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