Happiness Week at the Faculty of Education!

Posted on Friday, February 3, 2017

Hugs, eating chocolate and being with family are just a few examples of what makes members of the uOttawa community happy. For four consecutive days, Faculty of Education students gathered in the LMX lobby to celebrate happiness and give tips on how to be happy. Each day involved different activities around one of four themes: What is healthy happiness? What moves you? What is healthy, happy eating? What is a happy, healthy teacher?

Carolyn Hebert, TA for the Comprehensive School Health cohort, explains that this initiative was created to raise awareness of health and happiness resources for students, particularly because they’re so close to midterm season. “We wanted to help not only teaching students but also all university students in general and to give them tips on how they can achieve their own happiness. At the end of the day, happiness comes from within.”

To achieve this, students in Professor Rebecca Lloyd’s cohort gave out food, tips and even warm and fuzzies (feel-good messages). Catherine Lesage, a former teacher and founder of Littlefeet Yoga was even in attendance!


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