Intervention research on francophone teacher induction practices for teachers trained outside Canada

Posted on Friday, November 4, 2016

Professors Claire Duchesne, France Gravelle and Nathalie Gagnon carried out intervention research on coaching and support measures used in schools with new internationally trained teachers. Undertaken in partnership with Ontario’s French public school board, CEPEO, this study allowed the three researchers to work with school administrators, teacher-mentors and 12 teachers trained abroad with between one and five years’ teaching experience.

Their research highlighted the challenges facing new teachers in passing on francophone culture and the French language to their students. It also revealed the difficulties associated with integrating these teachers into the profession and their teaching teams as well as their assimilation of Canadian teaching practices and educational culture.

Professors Duchesne, Gravelle and Gagnon will soon publish some of the results of their research on teacher induction as it relates to internationally trained teachers in a French-language minority setting.

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