Introducing Educlang

Posted on Thursday, December 15, 2016

Members of Educlang

Maintaining its position as a leader in research on education, the Faculty of Education has introduced a new research group called Educlang, which will focus on languages and education, language teaching and language learning. The research will specifically concentrate on five key areas: 1) technology and language teaching and learning, 2) French as a second language in Canadian schools, 3) Equity in English as a second language, 4) Multilingual settings, interculturalism and French as the language of education, and 5) Training of French as a second language teachers. The group will organize periodical reading groups and seminars, and is also planning an international conference for 2018.

The research group is comprised of five professors from the Faculty of Education: Stéphanie Arnott, Francis Bangou, Douglas Fleming, Carole Fleuret, and Marie-Josée Vignola, who have all demonstrated a special interest in second language teaching.

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