Lorna McLean

Posted on Monday, December 19, 2016

Lorna McLean

“Because I had the opportunity to complete my graduate studies at the University of Ottawa, I have the privilege of fulfilling my goals of teaching, research and service in the Faculty of Education every single day. Working with students is inspiring for me; I learn so much by engaging in conversations with them, supervising theses and participating in collaborative community service learning projects.

“I know from working with graduate students over the years how funding through scholarships or research assistantships has a positive effect on their confidence and financial security.

“We are at a critical time in Canadian society and education plays a key role in shaping how we look at the past, present and future.”

Lorna McLean is a full professor at the Faculty of Education, director of the Faculty of Education's Faire l'Histoire/Making History Education Research Unit, and a participant in the ongoing Developing a Global Perspective for Educators project, as well as a new initiative,  Create Democracy: Civic Research, Education and Action in Teacher Education.

 She regularly donates in support of the Faculty of Education Graduate Scholarship as a way of giving back to the Faculty.

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