M. Leduc and M. Lévesque

Posted on Friday, November 27, 2015

Portrait of Mr. Leduc and Mr. Lévesque

“Due to the move towards integration, many special needs children land up in regular classes. ADHD, autism, behavioural problems… it’s not easy. You need teachers and well-trained specialists to intervene in these areas.

“This is particularly important in a Francophone minority setting. There are many fewer resources and services for special needs children in Ontario in French than on the Anglophone side. We created the Denis Lévesque and Ronald Leduc Scholarship for French-Language Studies in Special Education in French to fill this need.

“Even today, we see people who might have needed these types of services when they were young and who are facing setbacks and difficult situations because they didn’t have access to them.  The scholarship aims to assist students interested in special education, but also, ultimately, special needs youth.”  

Alumni Ronald Leduc and Denis Lévesque are pioneers in the field of special education in French-speaking Ontario and at the Faculty of Education. They co-founded the Centre Jules-Léger in Ottawa.

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