New study by Vaillancourt et al. shows reduced rates of bullying during pandemic

Posted on Thursday, July 8, 2021

Tracy Vaillancourt

A new research study led by Faculty of Education professor Tracy Vaillancourt shows that diminished levels of bullying during the pandemic may be due to a range of factors. In a story released on the University of Ottawa Media page, Dr. Vaillancourt says “the measures taken to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and the increases in virtual learning likely had an impact on bullying rates. Students in Ontario were in smaller cohorts, they interacted with each other less, and they were more closely supervised. They also had fewer interactions with peers outside of school which may have helped reduce rates as well. Simply put, students likely had less opportunity to be involved in bullying.”

Read the full uOttawa press release and learn more about the research results.

Dr.Vaillancourt holds the Canada Research Chair in School-Based Mental Health and Violence Prevention and is the President Elect of the International Society for Research on Aggression. Follow her on Twitter @vaillancourt_dr for more research updates.


Article citation: 

Vaillancourt, T., Brittain, H., Krygsman, A., Farrell, A. H., Landon, S., & Pepler, D. (2021). School bullying before and during COVID-19: Results from a population-based randomized design. Aggressive Behavior, 1– 13.  

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