Pioneers in the field of special education honoured

Posted on Tuesday, May 10, 2016

From left to right: André Samson, Vice-Dean and Secretary of the Faculty, Ronald Leduc et Denis Lévesque, 2015 recipients, Raymond Leblanc, Dean of the Faculty of Education

Denis Lévesque and Ronald Leduc have received the first Outstanding Alumni Award. It was presented during the 1966 École normale reunion luncheon.

The Faculty of Education’s Outstanding Alumni Award is presented annually in recognition of exceptional contributions of Faculty of Education alumni to enhancing the reputation of the Faculty and the University through their outstanding career, public service or academic achievements. The Faculty wishes to demonstrate its pride in them and inspire other alumni as well as current students.

Alumni Ronald Leduc and Denis Lévesque are pioneers in the field of special education in French-speaking Ontario and at the Faculty of Education. They co-founded the Centre Jules-Léger in Ottawa and created the Denis Lévesque and Ronald Leduc Scholarship for French-Language Studies in Special Education in French.

For Lévesque and Leduc, “(the scholarship) is particularly important in a Francophone minority setting. There are many fewer resources and services for special needs children in Ontario in French than on the Anglophone side. The scholarship aims to assist students interested in special education, but also, ultimately, special needs youth.” 

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