The Second-Language Teaching (SLT) Program turns 25!

Posted on Friday, November 23, 2018

Since its inception, our second-language teaching program has been training future second-language teachers who encourage and inspire Canada’s youth to learn and appreciate both official languages and their cultural richness. This unique program is the result of close collaboration between the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Arts. Today, the Faculty of Education and the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI) continue to work together to meet the pressing need for qualified language teachers. This program aligns perfectly with the University’s mission of promoting bilingualism. Congratulations to the second-language teaching program and thank you for your excellent work!

The celebrations took place November 15 and we had the opportunity to hear some very inspiring testimonials from our graduates. Here are some examples of the DLS program:

 "I'm a better teacher today because of DLS." Neeko Paluzzi

"I'm so proud to be a graduate of the DLS Program and so excited to be a teacher." Alyssa Radulescu

"C'est un bijou ici à l'Université" ... "Une des meilleures préparations pour l'enseignement des langues secondes.Yves Desnoyers

"J'ai acquis plein de connaissances que j'ai pu partager avec d'autres enseignants qui n'ont pas pris le programme DLS." Rebecca Montemurro

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