Statement on behalf of the Council of the Faculty of Education concerning the new Act respecting the laicity of the State in Québec

Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Faculty of Education of the University of Ottawa provides teacher education in French and in English. Many of our teacher education candidates come from the province of Québec and many of our teacher education graduates are hired by school boards in Québec. We recognise that the Québec Act respecting the laicity of the State arises in a specific socio-political and historical context which should be taken into account in interpreting these developments.
However, the recent passing of this Act has serious implications for our students, for our graduates and for our partnerships in Québec, as an institution situated in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. The new law prohibits the wearing of religious symbols by teachers and sends a message to many of our students and graduates that they must choose between their religious affiliation and their careers as teachers in Québec. As a faculty that affirms the principles of equity, social justice and inclusion, we express our opposition to the new law and the divisive ideologies that it reflects. We will continue to prepare our students to lead in the creation of more just, equitable and inclusive communities through their work in systems of schooling nationally and internationally, francophone as much as anglophone.

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