Teacher Education Professors Working For You !!!

Posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

 The classic question on the first day of school is “ What did you do this summer?” As we welcome a new group of Year 1 teacher candidates and welcome back our Year 2 candidates, professors at the Faculty can proudly respond that we spent time hard at work preparing for another exciting year.

Over four days in late June and July we have enthusiastically collaborated to develop our courses at our program retreat. The momentum continues throughout August right up to the last minute and it is rumoured that some of us will be seen wandering the corridors of Lamoureux over the Labour Day weekend.

 We have reflected on feedback from teacher candidates and our educational partners, reviewed the OCT accreditation criteria, explored the current research in teacher professional learning, and discussed our personal teaching experiences.  As the Teacher Education program we have re-committed to our focus on equity and inclusion within communities of inquiry as articulated in our conceptual framework. Through the Digital Hub Strategy we are confident that our teacher candidates will develop their professional presence through engaging in technologies that will enhance their digital literacy skills and knowledge necessary for 21st century teaching. To help keep us all organized we have send our newest addition of the Teacher Education Agenda 2018-2019 off to the printers to be ready on September 4th- ORIENTATION DAY for Year 1 teacher candidates.

As Nicholas Ng-A-Fook stated, “ We have learned a lot from past four years and we appreciate all the work of our teacher candidates, our professors, our support staff and our community educational partners in helping to develop an innovative and dynamic program. We are ready to tackle a new year with a renewed energy and look forward to the challenges ahead.”

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