Posted on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Vancouver School District #39 is among the most diverse public school systems in Canada with an annual enrollment of approximately 50,000 students in Kindergarten to grade 12.
With its scenic views, mild climate, and friendly people, Vancouver is known around the world as one of the best places to live and is a popular tourist attraction. Landscaped with scenic mountain ranges, sandy Pacific beaches, four professional sports teams, international restaurants, an eclectic arts and culture scene, Vancouver is an attractive destination for any outdoors person, sports fan and arts enthusiasts.
Set in one of the world’s most liveable cities, Vancouver is a community-minded district seeking talented educators for the following positions: 

• Teacher, Grade 1
• Teacher, Grade 2
• Teacher, Grade 4/5 
• Teacher, Grade 6/7
• Teacher Librarian 
• Kindergarten Teacher 
• Resource Teacher 
• Teacher, Grade 3/4
• Teacher, Math/LSP 
• Life Skills Teacher 
• Learning Support Program Teacher 
• Excellence in Social Emotional Learning Teacher 
• PE Teacher – Mandarin Bilingual Learners
• Music Prep Teacher
• Science Teacher 
• English 9 Teacher 
• Woodwork/Carpentry Teacher 
• Home Economics Teacher 
• Counselor
• Special Education Teacher 
• English, PE and Leadership Teacher 
• French (FSL) Teacher 
• Mandarin Bilingual Teacher 
• City School Teacher 
• French Immersion Teachers

For the detailed job descriptions, please visit please visit www.makeafuture.ca/vancouver
• Completion of a Bachelor of Education
• Experience and/or training in an enrolling class is required
• Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
• Membership in or eligible to become a member in the Teacher Regulation Branch
• Registration with the Teacher Qualification Service

Your application portfolio must include the following documents:
• Cover Letter
• Resume
• Final Practicum Reports and/or teacher evaluations from your administrator
• Academic Transcripts
• Contact information for three Professional References: Faculty and School Advisors and/or teaching contract supervisors (Principals, Vice-Principals)
• Current Teaching Certificate Status from the Teacher Regulation Branch website, including date scanned. *You must print out the page, scan, and upload it to Make a Future*


1. Register on Make a Future www.makeafuture.ca/vancouver and create a profile under the Category "Teachers, Principals & Superintendents"
2. Click on Job Postings the click Search
3. Select the Job you would like to apply for
4. Answer the job posting questions, then click Apply
5. Upload supporting documents to the Competition
6. Complete the EPI (Education Professional Inventory). You will find the test under Portfolio --> Online Tests. The EPI is an online multiple choice test that is timed. It covers the following domains: Teaching Skills, Attitudinal Factors and Cognitive Ability. You have 90 minutes to complete the EPI. On average it takes 45 minutes. Have a pen and paper ready and set aside 90 minutes of uninterrupted time as you will not be able to stop or pause the test once you begin.
**NOTE: The EPI is from the U.S. and you may see educational terms that are not used in Canada. For example: U.S. term “Standards” is equivalent to Canadian term “Key Concepts and Skills”.
7. Once you submit your application you will receive a confirmation email from Make a Future

*The VSB has been given approval from the Human Rights Tribunal for a Special Program under s. 42(3) of the Human Rights Code. Under this special program, the VSB seeks to preferentially hire Aboriginal persons to a variety of teaching positions. Therefore, each applicant may wish to provide, on a voluntary basis, information whether she or he self-identifies as an Aboriginal person.

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