Teaching and learning in the time of COVID-19 - Spring/summer 2020 courses

Posted on Friday, May 1, 2020

Teaching and learning in the time of COVID-19 - Spring/summer 2020 courses


The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a ‘new normal’ of ubiquitous distance teaching and learning. Rethinking education in uncertain times such as these requires adaptations and innovations that are responsive to the needs of students, educators and families. The Faculty of Education is offering the following relevant courses during the Spring-Summer term that will delve into the multitude of questions engendered by the current crisis.

EDU 7150 W200* Pandemic Pedagogies: Responsive Teaching and Learning in Times of Crisis – ENGLISH ONLY

Conflicts, pandemics, and natural disasters have catastrophic effects on schooling and the wellbeing of students, staff, and communities.  This course situates students to be able to respond to difficult situations by considering the impact of disastrous global events on lived experiences. Further, the course mobilizes responsive pedagogies that draw on a wide range of learning theories. This agile online learning environment will model collaborative professionalism and invite students to engage deeply in areas of interest and relevance to them.

*This course is available to all University of Ottawa students.

EDU 7150 W300* Social-Emotional Competencies in ‘Leadership at a Distance’ – ENGLISH ONLY

This course will explore how social-emotional competencies relate to leadership and working in teams within different contexts including working at a distance. Specifically, we will explore how a number of skills, such as emotional intelligence, relationship skills, organizational skills, and decision-making skills, can be applied in professional settings.

*This course is available to all University of Ottawa students.

PED 2507 Current Academic Realities – FRENCH ONLY

This new course, offered to undergraduate students, is an addition to the Francophone bachelor's degree and introduces students to the major issues facing today's teachers. It will focus on the situations that reflect our current academic reality and refers to issues of ethics, equity, sexuality, violence, sexism, etc. It is an introduction to models of conflict resolution and management of differences.

EDU 6102 W100 Seminar in Curriculum Studies: Experiences in the Time of COVID-19 – ENGLISH ONLY

This Curriculum Seminar Research graduate course aims to critically examine the work of different scholars within the field of curriculum studies. Through online group work, presentations, individual assignments, and thoughtful discussions, students will explore a range of concepts in educational theory and practice. Students will have the opportunity to listen to, engage with, and comment on Fooknconversation, a podcast that delves deeply into the lives and thinking of different curriculum scholars and their work in relation to lived experiences with COVID-19.


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